Our tea road

Organic tea and fair trade

China, Japan, India, Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Argentina, the teas, and also plants and flowers that we use to prepare our mixtures come from the all over the world. Along our route, the aim is always the same: to promote organic sectors by ensuring the direct and fair remuneration of farmers and improving income, living conditions, social rights and the environment.


Here is a close-up of some partner coopeatives

Enshi xuan in yulu (hubei region - china).


Certified organic in 2001 and FLO in 2007, this cooperative brings together 500 families of small farmers from the Tujia and Miao ethnic groups.

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Mannong (yunnan region - china)


Certified organic in 2004 and FLO in 2007, this cooperative brings together 250 families of small farmers belonging to the Lahu ethnic group.

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Batieng (boloven plateau - laos)

           Route des Comptoirs

Certified organic in 2007 and FLO in 2009, this cooperative brings together 500 families of small farmers.

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AFRICA orange bleue afrique (burkina-faso)

            orange bleue Afrique La Route des Comptoirs

We launched a development project based on two plants (hibiscus and neem) in Burkina Faso with the help of Orange Bleue Afrique which supports us with implementation and monitoring. It will help to support women's work in rural environments and preserve traditional crops.

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LATIN AMERICA guiray (province of misiones, north-east argentina)

Orgánica Guiray is a small cooperative which brings together 20 maté farmers. Our partner, Sol à Sol has been working for five years on the creation of this organic maté production sector in the region of San Vicente.

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