My passion for tea

La route des comptoirs - Ma passion du thé - mon engagement

My commitment

Since 1997, I have travelled the tea road to select the best organic tea gardens where the working methods respect humans (fair trade). A herbal tea creator, I search for and employ traditional techniques to design new mixtures of teas, plants, spices and aromas for the pleasure of the most refined palates. The 150 references in our range are prepared and packaged in France in an artisanal manner by our team, which includes workers with disabilities.

La route des comptoirs - Ma passion du thé - Créateur de saveurs

Creator of flavours

An organic tea is not a guarantee of good taste, but simply attests to a "specific" farming method (no chemical fertilisers or insecticides). For years, I have rejected the idea of an organic tea being bland, insipid, but, having said that, designing a delicious tea is not a matter of chance!

I travel to the production sites to select the tea varieties adapted to French tastes. If I am constantly looking for new tastes and testing compositions, it is in order to create good quality organic teas that meet our customers' needs. In recent months, no fewer than 18 new teas have been made available to you!

La route des comptoirs - Ma passion du thé - Le bio avant tout !

Organic above all !

Whether in France for our vegetables, or in Asia for tea, intensive farming procedures disturb the natural balance. Scientists inform us about the major risks for our planet (reduced soil fertility, elimination of major forests, disappearance of many animal species, etc.). For humans, discomfort is becoming... unbearable! Rise in temperatures, drought, fall in yields, increase in the number of natural disasters (cyclones, storms, floods, etc.),

Choosing an organic tea means:

  • A sensible act: choosing to drink an unpolluted tea,
  • Rejecting the inevitable spiral: choosing a green economy that is a vector for the future and for growth.
  • A militant act that protects the environment and the quality of life.

YES, it is possible to produce and offer your customers a superior quality organic tea that is free of chemical fertilisers and chemical insecticides! What did we do "before"? Certainly no worse.


La route des comptoirs - Ma passion du thé - Soyons équitable !

Promote fair trade!

Tea is a crop that requires a large workforce, particularly women. The working conditions are often difficult. Making small independent farmers and farmers organised into cooperatives a priority ensures greater respect for humans and their environment.

Fair trade also means ensuring them :

  • a "fair price" disconnected from the world of speculators who act as intermediaries,
  • paying them a substantial "development subsidy" that allows them to invest in equipment (machines, seeds, warehouses), basic social facilities (nursery, school, hospital).
  • Reliable prospects thanks to commitments on volumes.
  • A chance for ethnic minorities to remain in rural areas and prevent exoduses to cities.

Our aim is to encourage personal initiative. That is why we launched a development project based on two plants (hibiscus and neem) in Burkina Faso. It will help to support women's work in rural environments and preserve traditional crops.