Our quality guarantees

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Our working methods

Selection of major « vintages »


Direct contact with cooperatives, visits to plantations, knowledge of "vintages", grades (we undertake to only supply "special" grade and grade 1 teas), working methods, treatments used for tea and harvests that allow us to assess and select high quality teas with precision.

La route des comptoirs - Ma passion du thé - Créateur de saveurs



Artisanal preparations

Our recipes

Tea is a noble product. In order not to break the tea leaves, all our preparations are handmade. Therefore, the tea is mixed delicately and slowly by hand in a small tank. A "herbal tea creator", we search for, invent, test and regularly create new mixtures.


Freshness & packaging

Freshness of the teas

With tea being a plant, its taste and quality depend, in particular on:

  • the date of harvest: the younger it is the more sap there is in the leaf and the less dry or oxidised the leaf will be. (we only select teas from the current year.)
  • transport and storage conditions: the more random these are the more the tea is at risk of being damaged and oxidised. (All our teas are stored at protected storage and packaging sites.)


French made

All our teas are mixed and flavoured in France at our production workshop in Landreau (Loire Atlantique). This proximity allows us to ensure frequent and often tailor-made manufacturing. This guarantees the taste and freshness of the teas. Our team includes some workers with disabilities.


Methods & controls

Our day-to-day rigour is visible in particular in the different control methods that guarantee traceability:

  • When selecting teas: taste and ageing tests,
  • When the teas arrive in France: analysis of pesticide residue
  • When developing new recipes: consumer tests,
  • During production at our workshop: verification of ingredients, weight, etc.


La route des comptoirs - Ma passion du thé - Soyons équitable !

Our 3 requirements: delicious, good and beautiful

Thanks to these many virtues, tea has become a major product in consumer demand because it sums up the market's flourishing trends: nature, well-being, quality and pleasure.

In recent years, organic food shops, health food stores and delicatessens have offered a selection of good quality teas at reasonable prices. Luckily for us! Thus, consumers have become increasingly demanding and their needs have also changed very quickly.  Nowadays, enjoying a good tea firstly means wanting to treat yourself and take care of yourself.

Although organic and fair trade labels have become priority elements in choice, the new trend is to meet our demand for "delicious, good, beautiful :

La Route des Comptoirs has always translated these demands into its products.

  • DELICIOUS to taste (finesse and originality of tastes),
  • GOOD for health (antioxidants, diuretic, free of theine),
  • BEAUTIFUL to look at (sculpted teas, flowers, colourful petals, peel, spices).


New teas in order to meet demand

We are constantly developing new tea mixtures

In this spirit, our artisan-creator approach constantly encourages us to develop new tea mixtures without compromising on our quality which is a guarantee of our customers' loyalty.

Also, in order to guarantee you complete satisfaction, we are members of IEARC, the European Institute for Customer Reception and Relations.

IEARC, Institut Européen de l'Accueil et des Relations avec les Clients