Fair trade label

Affiche Max Havelaar

Tea in bulk

26 fairtrade varieties

The sale of teas in bulk per kilo, with the fair trade label, is now possible. La Route des Comptoirs welcomes the agreement reached with the association Max Havelaar. Now we sale with this label 26 item of teas, rooibos and fruit teas.

In order to help merchants to communicate on the label in their point of sale, the association wishes to go further on tea by setting up an ambitious program called "Proxi", of which we wish to be the privileged partner. The distribution of various advertising will allow the merchant to make known that he sells fair trade tea in bulk. In addition, it has set up a geolocation map on its website, which will allow consumers to be sent back to the points of sale accepting them. The website counts several thousand visitors each day (www.maxhavelaarfrance.org).